Ethan Huynh (on the right) is a junior undergraduate computer information systems student attending the University of Texas at Tyler. He is currently working on his Comptia a+ certification. He is also working on many projects to provide organization, sustainability, and showing the younger generation that any tools at hand are tools to be used. This is evident with his videos, as he explains how to utilize coding databases and languages to their potential as a side project. I.E MySql as a "to-do-list" or Syncthing in conjunction to EMAC's Org Mode. His latest efforts include being the president and vice-president of the Asian Student Association and successfully gaining a sponsorship with Kung-Fu Tea. He will be pursuing an IT related field after graduation and continue to prosper. You can view his up to date projects by clicking here.


Each application is created by Ethan Huynh, including this website. No templates were used for the website and were all created by Ethan Huynh. Each coded program is meant for a business setting.

Thank you for looking!

Bank Transaction System

Java program that calculates the new balance after a transaction and determines whether it was a deposit or withdrawal. The program prompts the user to enter their current balance and the transaction amount. It then computes the new balance by adding the transaction amount to the current balance. If the new balance becomes negative (indicating an overdraft), an overdraft fee of $25 is subtracted from it. The program uses the NumberFormat class to format the currency values and displays the previous balance, transaction type (withdrawal or deposit), and the new balance.

This program provides a simple banking functionality by allowing users to keep track of their balance after making transactions. It takes user input, performs the necessary calculations, and displays the results in a formatted manner. The code demonstrates the use of basic input/output operations, conditional statements, and formatting techniques in Java. By utilizing functions to separate different tasks, the code follows a modular approach, enhancing readability and maintainability.

Initial Organization Program

Java program that generates initials and performs randomization on names. It starts by defining an array of strings representing different names. The program then iterates through each name in the array and performs several operations.

Within the loop, the program extracts the first name, middle name, and last name from the current name using the substring function and determines their lengths. It also retrieves the first character of the first name as the first initial, the second character of the middle name as the middle initial, and the second character of the last name as the last initial. The program displays the extracted information, including the names, their lengths, and the initials.

Heart Rate Tester

The given Java code is a program designed to check the user's heart rate and determine if it falls within the target heart rate zone. The user is prompted to input their heart rate and date of birth. The program calculates the user's age based on the provided birth date and current date. It then computes the maximum and minimum heart rates based on the age using predefined formulas. If the user's heart rate is within the calculated range, a congratulatory message is displayed. Otherwise, a warning message is shown indicating that the heart rate is outside the target zone. Overall, the program helps users assess whether their heart rate is within the desired range for optimal fitness.


I write my interests here.

  • Gear kit
  • Gear Kit

    gear i used for school/productivity

    over the years, i've carefully curated my list of technology to productivity oriented specifications, especially with my mobile phone. i've researched thoroughly through multiple people including james scholz and cal newport, two leading "dumb" phone reviewers.

    ive also tested many dumbphones myself, being on a lightphone 2, while self-harm, is still a very good device for what i need.

    here is a list of devices i use for school in particular

  • boox nova c
  • light phone 2
  • ipad (i used to use this mainly, but it really isn't all that great of a device and can be a cause of a distraction
  • macbook air (running windows and mac os on two different partitions)
  • onemore evo IEM headphones (wired iem's are scientifically better than wireless headphones)
  • i love eink screens, james scholz was able to show me the fantastic world of them; however, the US has a stagnant production of them, meaning they are rarely used outside the standard kindle.

    eink screens are easier on the eyes and have the least amount of distractions on them which in turn allows for my productivity to prosper. that is exactly why i invested into the boox nova c, which had a student discount.

    dumb phones ive tested:

    these devices are used especially to lessen distractions and to allow me to be more intertwined with my day to day life, many of these are chosen due to their unique skillsets.

  • samsung z flip 3: honestly a little useless when i bought it; however i really enjoyed the fact that i was able to use the screen for multi applications so I could add the top screen for notes and the bottom for the slide show, a handy tool.

  • kyocera kyf31: this device i figured out that imported phones have different bands, and due to this, they are supported by limited carriers or aren't supported at all, so i was unable to use the device. however, the functionality is there, and the way that the phone runs off of many applications and you can load many of them is very cool, and i will be buying another one as soon as they comeout with a new edition.

  • light phone 2: this phone is special to me, as i am still using it, however, the price point being 300 dollars is ridiculous, as the phone literally does not do anything outside of the normal eink screen. the fact that it has its own simcard and sim plan is unique, but the costly price of the plan itself is also really unsatisfying as a purchase.

  • Web Dev

    I offer website building services for what you need! As of 6/26/2023 I am open!

    Business -

    Prices are conclusive on the need of the website; however, will typically range on an hourly rate of $60 USD

    Please email me for a quote if interested or to ask a question, thank you!



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    i = 0;
    while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
        print 'Iteration ' + i;
    print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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    Name Description Price
    Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
    Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
    Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
    Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
    Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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